About The Dance Academy

"...the show (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde) was fantastic last weekend and she loved it. The fact that she actually knew someone performing in it made the experience that much more magical for her." - Academy parent

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The Lone Star Dance Academy is dedicated to artistic excellence and integrity to elevate the human spirit through all forms of dance.

The Lone Star Dance Academy's Vision is to engage all students and provide them with a dance education that:

  • Is designed to take students from their very first steps through a comprehensive curriculum of classical ballet, formal jazz, contemporary/modern dance, tap and related studies.
  • Fully prepares dancers for professional dance companies and/or continued studies in institutes for higher learning.
  • Provides quality training for those who will not become career dancers, but will gain the poise, confidence, discipline, and fundamental life skills inherent in the structured study of dance.
  • Emphasizes a strong foundation focusing on proper placement, technical precision, musicality, and artistic confidence.
  • Promotes a safe, caring, and supportive environment based on trust and respect.
  • Shares the instructor's passion for dance with students in a way that inspires each of them to pursue their own passions and goals.

Academy Registration begins in August and is a nine month program; however, we have ongoing registration throughout the year up until the first of March. Students need to register by the end of December as that is when we are focused on the spring Academy Unleashed productions (recital) for Academy students.

All dancers are welcomed to audition for The Nutcracker and other Lone Star Ballet productions when applicable.

The end-of-the-year production for all Academy students is in May. This production, called Academy Unleashed, is a high quality professionally produced performance. Unleashed performance is considered part of the Season of Dance line up of shows.

Lone Star Dance Academy offers a variety of wonderful summer programs in all our academy locations.

The Academy Staff welcomes you to visit your local academy and register today!

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Vicki McLean

Artistic Director & Academy Director

Vicki McLean, Artistic Director & Academy Director for Lone Star Ballet and Lone Star Dance Academy, oversees all of the artistic endeavors of both entities in designing the curriculum and class schedules. She has a double Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Television Film Productions with a minor in Theatre Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Dance and Administration from Southern Methodist University. Ms. Vicki, as the dancers call her, has extensive credentials in the dance world, in theatre and television and film performance and productions, and in the academic settings.

Contact: Vicki McLean, Artistic Director by E-mail

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Elaine Seaton

Costume Director/Financial Administrator

Elaine Seaton is the Costume Director for Lone Star Ballet and Lone Star Dance Academy and the Accounts Receivable Manager for Lone Star Dance Academy. She received an Outstanding Volunteer of the Year award at the Golden Nail Awards in 2008. Often, she provides meals for the Lone Star Ballet dancers and other functions of the Ballet. As a member of the Ballet Guild for numerous years, she has served on several committees and on the Board.

Contact: Elaine Seaton, Costume and Financial Director by E-mail