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Lone Star Ballet Company

Welcome to the Lone Star Ballet Company. The Company is an extraordinary collaboration of dedicated, talented, passionate people who come together to make sure our commitment to a tradition of excellence in dance and movement is upheld.

The Company is a group of young people who are engaged in many other life areas, but are also highly interested in the performance art of dance. It is a circle of professionals who enjoy giving away an accumulation of knowledge and experience.

Lone Star Ballet celebrates bringing dance and related arts to the audiences of the Texas Panhandle. LSB was established in 1975 and has developed through the visionary planning and commitment of many individuals on both the business and artistic sides.

Lone Star Ballet Company is dedicated to education and creativity. Education is dedication to developing a new generation of artists by spotlighting the technical and artistic elements of dance, music, and the related theatre arts. Creativity defines the process of developing new works and approaches to the art of dance while preserving our history of various forms of movement and ballet's rich legacy.

We continue the essential rhythm with a brand-new year that means a brand-new opportunity and a fulfilling gift of continuing our legacy. Lone Star Ballet's name has become synonymous with the standard of excellence which audiences have come to expect. Lone Star Ballet does not rest on its successes. It revels in the continued development of the tradition of combining fresh, unique and innovative new works with the inspiring and charming traditional ballets to make the Season of Dance.

Roxann Seaton
Academy Director

The Company

Acceptance to the company is through audition and invitation by the Artistic Director. Once accepted, dancers must demonstrate continual improvement in technique, a commitment to excellence, and outstanding attendance in order to remain in the Company. We expect Company members to adhere to all Company policies and be committed to scheduled main- stage performances. The Company consists of five different levels and performs many styles of dance representing Lone Star Ballet.

If you are interested in Lone Star Ballet Company and would like audition information, please contact the transitional team lead, Roxann Seaton. You must be eight years-old to audition for the Lone Star Ballet Company.

Levels for the Company are as follows:

  • PRINCIPALS/Senior Company
  • CORPS DE BALLET/Junior Company

Senior Company/Principle Dancers and Company Artists train to master advanced skills, consistency, musicality, articulation and natural expression within the parameters of the art form. These dancers are the lead performance group of Lone Star Ballet. It is your leadership that Lone Star Ballet builds its strength as a company and the continued beauty of its performances. Through this commitment, a foundation is laid on which to build a professional career for the dancer looking in that direction, the beginning of an educational curriculum for the dancer looking for a degreed endeavor, and the dancer who wants to perform on the semi-professional level.

Dancers in the Junior Company/Corps de Ballet train to continue the excellence of Lone Star Ballet Company and its traditions. It will be the commitment of these dancers that will progress Lone Star Ballet through time. You, too, will master higher leveled skills, consistency, musicality, articulation and natural expression within the parameters of the art form.

Apprentices will be expected to participate as much as possible in the choreographic process and participate in performances when invited. You are important to the Company as young dancers learning the skills and manners of being a company member.

Class Requirements for Company Members:

All Company members are required to attend the minimum number of classes as determined by the Artistic Director and specified in the Lone Star Ballet Company Handbook. Applicable productions throughout the year are mandatory as are rehearsals for each.