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Lone Star Ballet made announcements Tuesday morning that will affect the dance company’s future. For the first time ever, the Lone Star Ballet is implementing a new position known as Artistic Director. Vicki McLean was recognized as Artistic Director earlier today. Currently, she holds the title of Director of Dance, which means she has a hand in the ballet’s education efforts through it’s academy. Being honored with the title of Artistic Director means that she has a large role in the direction Lone Star Ballet takes for its future endeavors.Lone Star Ballet veteran Jeary Vizena returned to the company with the title of Ballet Master………..

It’s not just the dead that will rise again when Lone Star Ballet opens its season. The ballet company will revive its 2010 original production of “Dracula” at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday in the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts, 500 S. Buchanan St. “We have been trying to build a repertory (of original works) so that every four or five years we bring something back,” said Vicki McLean, LSB artistic director. “We wanted to go back to the Halloween theme for this October because we’re so much further into the month.””……….

If his big sister could learn to dance, Michael Bearden figured he could, too. And smarting off about it led him to a lifelong career. “What got me into dance was my sister’s ballet class,” Bearden said. “I just thought that it looked really easy, and I was saying so to my mom. “The teacher heard me and said, let’s see you try,” he continued. “I’ve always joked that I’ve been trying to prove her wrong since.”………

Lone Star Ballet will take audiences to the heart of the Amazon with another staging of a popular educational work. “Rainforest” will be staged at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Friday for schoolchildren, then again at 8 p.m. for the general public in the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts, 500 S. Buchanan St. “It’s the enchanting and mysterious world of the tropical rainforest (brought to life by) dance and costumes and different characters,” LSB artistic director Vicki McLean said……….

Clara will feel the romance of the season more than ever in this year’s Lone Star Ballet production of “The Nutcracker.” The holiday tradition opens Dec. 13 for its five public performances in the Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium, 401 S. Buchanan St. Performances continue at 3 and 8 p.m. Dec. 14, and 2 and 6 p.m. Dec. 15. The ballet’s two Claras for the production — Emma Green and Alexis Stroud — have each danced the role at least three times and now are both nearing 20……….

Lone Star Ballet once again will present its special Christmas gift to the community with its production of “The Nutcracker.” This year marks 41 years of public performances at the Amarillo Civic Center and 22 consecutive years performing for more than 3,600 students from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado……….

Everything old is new again — again — with Lone Star Ballet’s season-opening performances. The ballet company will revive its popular “TimeSteps: Rock of the Ages” production for three performances: 8 p.m. Oct. 18; and 3 and 8 p.m. Oct. 19. Performances will be held in the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts, 500 S. Buchanan St. Tickets start at $23, plus service charge. “Everybody’s really ready for it,” said the ballet’s director of dance, Vicki McLean. “It’s always been one of our dancers’ favorite shows … and audiences love it because it brings such great memories back.”……….

Amarillo area residents packed into the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts to get a glimpse into the upcoming local arts season got an unexpected surprise Tuesday with the announcement that a former television star and a group of American pop culture personalities will grace the Amarillo stage in the coming year……….

One was remembered for his bounding energy and huge smile. Another for a powerful singing voice that carried across the street from his Canyon apartment. All were remembered for their passion for theater and dance. And all will be mourned by the Amarillo-area arts community following a fatal Monday night accident. The crash claimed the lives of five members of the “Texas” musical drama company — Clint Diaz, Andrew Duncan, Amanda Starz, Julian Arredondo IV and Eric Harrison — and seriously injured a sixth, Timothy Johnson………

See for an interview with Director of Dance Vicki McLean and Circle of Excellence dancer Trevor Wright as they discuss Rainforest.

The 17th annual Center City Electric Light Parade, sponsored by Xcel Energy, will be at 6 p.m. Nov. 30. “The parade is a great way to start the holiday season with an event for the entire family,” Center City of Amarillo Executive Director Beth Duke said. The theme for the parade is The Nutcracker. Lone Star Ballet will have a special float to promote its upcoming performances of “The Nutcracker,” scheduled Dec. 6 to 9 at Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium……..

Ghosts will pirouette their way through the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts this weekend in the latest original production from Lone Star Ballet. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” will be staged Friday and Saturday. Everybody knows the story, so it’s fun to go see a different version — the same story, but done in a different medium,” artistic director Vicki McLean said…….

For two nights only, the Lone Star Ballet is presenting the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. A story of a love triangle between the beautiful Katrina van Tassel, the superstitious, ghost-story loving, Icabod Crane, and the menacing, Brom Bones. ……

This is a shared conviction among Amarillo’s multiple arts organizations that strive to cultivate a passion for the arts in youth who embody a perpetual spirit, orectic soul and an enduring dedication beyond their years…..

A ballet company familiar to Amarillo dance aficionados is in the spotlight on The CW’s new reality show “Breaking Pointe” (7 p.m., cable channel 11). Salt Lake City’s Ballet West gave the show’s camera broad access over six weeks to turn out a show that’s supposed to offer an unvarnished look inside the frequently grueling life of a professional dancer. Instead – based on the first episode, at least – it’s as concerned with backstage gossip as it is with any grand battements….

ProNews 7 Daybreak, May 16, 2012 – Vicki McLean on ProNews 7 Daybreak discussing the upcoming Academy Unleashed productions and the LSB season.

Berkley Henderson is the envy of all her young student ballerinas. “I get to wear a tiara for a living,” Henderson said. “They love that.” Henderson doesn’t don the crown for the heck of it. (Well, probably.) She’s dancing the lead role in Lone Star Ballet’s production of “Sleeping Beauty,” opening Friday for three performances in the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts, 500 S. Buchanan St ….

Ten dancers, both seasoned and new to Lone Star Ballet, complete the Circle of Excellence Professional Company. Founded in 2010 by Arlene Pool, Marlies Ballengee, Kathy Dryden and Lorene Lacer, LSB’s first professional troupe officially formed this past September. Although LSB already supported a senior and junior company as well as company artists and apprentices, the staff wished to address the absence of a professional ballet company in the area….

Dancer takes charge along side husband. That’s what audiences can expect Saturday from Nicholas Andre Dance, according to Vicki McLean, Lone Star Ballet director of dance. “It’s that great athleticism, passion and great joy-of-life kind of movement,” McLean said. “They’re just on the aggression. In other words, they’re really tuned into moving and jumping and the excitement of the body in motion.” The New York-based athletic dance company is so aggressive, in fact, that even its founder and choreographer, Nick Ross, doesn’t try to keep up with the dancers anymore ….

It’s time once again for sugar plum fairies to dance in your head, because this year’s holiday production of The Nutcracker kicked off Friday night. This is the 36th year The Lone Star Ballet is presenting The Nutcracker. It’s a great holiday tradition of a young girl’s dreams at Christmastime. No matt how old you are, The Nutcracker takes it’s guests into a magical place of sugar plum fairies, orange slice and gumdrop princesses …..

More than 3,000 area students will journey Thursday and Friday to a land of dancing sweets, sword-fighting rats and heroic wooden soldiers. Lone Star Ballet will stage its annual school performances of “The Nutcracker” at 10:30 a.m. each day for approximately 1,500 students each day, said Vicki McLean, LSB’s director of dance…..

You’re preparing for your deadline at work, running around completing last-minute tasks, wondering how you’re going to succeed. What are you forgetting? Is it the best it can be? What can you change? The anticipation and excitement cloud your thoughts, making you scattered, nervous. All of these feelings and flurry of activity are similar to what I witnessed October 6 as the cast of Lone Star Ballet’s “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” prepared for its debut of the original production based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s gothic novella…..

Lone Star Ballet will dance into the darkest depths of a man’s soul in “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” its latest original production. Director of Dance Vicki McLean said the adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson novella, opening Friday, should be “entertaining, as well as scary. Something that will make people think about goodness and evil.” “It’s kind of one man’s fall into darkness,” she said. “It’s a destruction by curiosity, the curiosity of how you deal with evil in the conscience and with goodness….